Monday, June 2, 2008

The rocks

so maybe i cheated a little since i heard that phrase in a song somewhere along the line, but then i got to thinking about in my shoes...that to me means things that really bother me. For instance, i work hard at fazolis...there is never a moment i am just standing around. if i have nothing to do i'll find something. saturday night, i got my dishes caught up, my breadstix, the trash taken out and the floors cleaned and so i decided to clean the drains because they keep clogging all the time, then i fixed the squeegee and then went out and helped the front counter lady clean her bathrooms and floors and filled her remaining parm shakers....well, i come in the next day and the boss says "you left the back of the house a mess last night" and it really bothered me because as i just said i was working all night cleaning everything as i always do...and she comes at me like that. so i have to learn to walk with that rock in my shoe...i would rather just quit and say "FORGET FAZOLIS" if they want to not appreciate anything anyone does and go straight for what they didn't do.but...instead i have to keep my chin up and say. i know that i am better than that...i know i did my job, and if they want to have an attitude about it, then that is their problem not mine!