Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thoughts of My Best Buddy....

It is amazing for me to think that if my best buddy had been born to any other family then the one he was born to, he most likely would not be here today. This is because he isn't perfect. He doesn't fit the description of what his breed should look like and his eyes are too small. My best buddy is a miniature Daschund I call Shotta. I fell in love with him the first day I saw him. When I called the breeder to ask if they had any puppies at that time I was looking for a chocolate daschund. She described to me the puppies that she had and then said "and we have one that is double dapple, he is mostly white with a little black and brown on him, but you won't want him because he has a genetically small eye" I headed over to their house to check out the puppies and get "the first choice" when I got there, I saw all the little puppies waddling about I picked them up and held them. When I laid eyes on the 'puppy with the genetically small eye' I fell in love. He was a chunky little guy who was lazier than the others but such a cutie. thats when I told her ' I think I really want this one' She was very surprised and said "YOU DO?!" and that settled it. I named him Shotta because it is Jamaican for gangster and I wanted him to have a tough name since he was handicapped so to speak. I found out later from one of my friends that usually a breeder gives their dog a c-section and chooses the puppies that are 'up to code' and then euthanizes the rest. I realized that if Shotta had been born to any such breeder he wouldn't be here today. I parade him around to weenie races and post his picture on Daschie websites and such because he is unique to me. I don't see him as not perfect. He is my best friend because no matter if I get mad at him for chewing up my work shoes, or having an accident on the floor and I yell at him and put him in his cage for a time out, no matter what he is always so excited to see me when I come back. I am so thankful that he was given the chance to live and be my best buddy.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Here I was being nosy on Kathi's page when I noticed I've been tagged so here it goes.....

10 years ago I....
1. could wear a size 8, must have been nice
2. wanted to be married by 18
3. wanted to be a disc Jockey
4. Thought I would go to ONU
5. Was homeschooled

5 things on todays "to do" list....
1. run on the treadmill
2. do some crunches
3. go to the movies with Annette
4. work on some homework at University of Phoenix online
5. Talk to B.J.

5 snacks I enjoy.....
1. Circus peanuts
2. Milky way midnite
3. Jolly Rancher smoothie
4. twizzlers
5. 3 musketeers

5 places I have lived....
1. Otisville, Michigan
2. Hudson, Florida
3. Flint Township, Michigan (townhouse)
4. Flint Township, Michigan (apartment)
5. Flint, Michigan (the northside w/amanda)

5 jobs I've had....
1. Meijer
2. Fazolis
3. Mcdonalds
4. In-home care
5. Covenant Hills camp

5 people I tag....
1. Kristy
(i don't know anyone else on Blogspot. lol)

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I work at Meijer now. Have been for 2 months. Anyways, today I opened. My shift was 6am to 230pm. because i have such an early shift, this means I must open the seafood and meat section and put up all prices and put everything out and ice the fish...blah blah. anyways. So i did that and it gets to be 130 and the next couple people come in for their 130 to 10pm shifts. well, a guest comes over and wants some Chorizo (mexican sausage) and it is on sale for $1.00 a pound. I know this because yesterday i opened as well and changed the price to $1.00 a pound with instruction from a man who has been there for 30 somethin years, and he got the command from one of the bosses. Anyway, the guest says they want 1 pound of Chorizo and (for the sake of anonymity i will call her Ol' girl) ol' girl is getting it for them while i wrap up some ground chuck for another guest. I said to Ol' girl, "make sure it rings up at 1.00 a pound because it has been ringing up at 1.75 because the system isn't changed. So she goes and weighs it up and says, "its not 1.00 its 1.50 a pound" well anyone who knows anything about retail knows that if you have a price up and it says 1.00, if it is or if it isn't you have to give it to that person for that price because that is the law. But, i know it is 1.00 regardless of that fact, so i say...."I promise you, the price is 1.00 we are discontinuing this product and were instructed to sell it at 1.00." well, she wants to argue so she says 'no its a dollar fifty the boss said so the other night' I said 'well he says one dollar now" so she says to ol' boy (for the same reason ;) ) "what do you think" he says "I think i'll stay out of this" (smart boy) ;) so eventually the guest says IT SAYS ONE DOLLAR ON THE SIGN!!!! so she wraps it up at one dollar all the while grumbling. Now i've said all this to absolutely ridiculous that she should try to argue with me. I told her when she first got in that I opened. and that means i set up all the prices so i would know. So why did she have to argue with me in front of a guest? that was so unprofessional....add another rock to my shoe...except this girl is more like a BOULDER!!!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Princess in training....;)

Why is it that whenever I tell someone that I live with my mom and dad they say...How old are you? and why do you still live with your parents? um...hello....I live in Michigan. My job is minimum wage and it basically isn't possible to get 40 hours so how am I going to be able to afford my own crib? Its not like I wanted to move back in with my parents. If I had my way I would have my own house with a fenced in yard for Shotta to run and play in. But, that isn't realistic at this point in my life and Its not like I haven't been out on my own before. Yeah, I tried that, and thats all I have to say about that. No I don't plan to live with my mom and dad for the rest of my life. I plan to meet my knight in shining armor and live in a castle, but until that time I'll just grow my hair real long so he can climb it to save me "dawn dawn let down your hair" HA!

Monday, June 2, 2008

The rocks

so maybe i cheated a little since i heard that phrase in a song somewhere along the line, but then i got to thinking about in my shoes...that to me means things that really bother me. For instance, i work hard at fazolis...there is never a moment i am just standing around. if i have nothing to do i'll find something. saturday night, i got my dishes caught up, my breadstix, the trash taken out and the floors cleaned and so i decided to clean the drains because they keep clogging all the time, then i fixed the squeegee and then went out and helped the front counter lady clean her bathrooms and floors and filled her remaining parm shakers....well, i come in the next day and the boss says "you left the back of the house a mess last night" and it really bothered me because as i just said i was working all night cleaning everything as i always do...and she comes at me like that. so i have to learn to walk with that rock in my shoe...i would rather just quit and say "FORGET FAZOLIS" if they want to not appreciate anything anyone does and go straight for what they didn't do.but...instead i have to keep my chin up and say. i know that i am better than that...i know i did my job, and if they want to have an attitude about it, then that is their problem not mine!